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How To Clean Electric Grill Systems | Electric Char B Que™

Are you ready to start grilling inside? We will show you how to clean electric grill systems to get the most out of your favorite modern kitchen appliances.


How To Clean Your Electric Char B Que™ Grill

One thing is certain, gas and charcoal grills can get fairly messy. Plus, with a dirty grill, you lose the charred taste that so many people love. Luckily, Char B Que™ electric grill systems are easy to clean. While you typically need degreasers and even dish liquids to remove the residue from grilling surfaces, you will only need the tools we include in your purchase to clean an in-home electric grill. 

Once you have finished cooking, wait for the grill to cool. It is very important that you clean your appliance when it is cool to prevent burns. Then, wet the surface and gently scrape off any built-up residue with the included stainless-steel scraper. The drippings should go into the drip tray to dispose of later. Wipe clean with a damp towel or sponge and soapy water, and it is ready to be stored away until the next time you wish to grill. 

When you are wiping down your grill, work in the direction of the ribbing. Additionally, remember to empty the drip tray and wipe it down after use. You can also put your drip tray in the dishwasher. After you have followed these steps, clean the scraper with warm water, dish soap, and a non-scratching sponge. Lay it out to dry, and you’re finished!        

By properly cleaning your appliance and its accessories, you can expect to use our electric grill systems over and over again. You will also be able to taste scrumptious grilled food—and that makes the cleaning worth it. 

But as you can see, maintaining an in-home electric grill is so easy. If you have yet to purchase one, we highly recommend you do. Reap the benefits that come with a portable, easy-to-use grilling product. If you already have one and love it, show family and friends the simplicity behind the Electric Char B Que™. We think they will become hooked!