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About Electric Char B Que™ By Maverick Electric Grills

Maverick electric grills are a preferred choice for indoor and outdoor grilling. Learn more about us and why you should invest in an electric grill here.

About Electric Char B Que

About Electric Char B Que™ By Maverick Electric Grills 


The efficient Electric CharBQue Ribbed Glass Grill

Our ribbed glass-ceramic surface is the fastest and hottest way to grill with plug-in electric convenience. This Maverick electric grill is a leading innovator in cooking technology. Made by Schott of Germany, the glass allows the infrared heater elements to sear your food quickly and efficiently, with less heat lost to conduction. The infrared passes through the glass more efficiently than aluminum or steel cooking surfaces. This yields a 20% or greater energy savings over other electric grilling methods, giving you more heat with less electric wattage. An easy adjustment dial produces temperatures on the surface of up to 485F.

Proven Glass Technology

Schott is the world leader in heatproof glass. This glass is tough. It is tested to allow for minor impacts without damage, and for cold water spillage without breaking or cracking. It is developed from the same materials and processes that make smooth top electric cooking ranges, which is why the Maverick indoor electric grill line includes this type of glass. More than 40 years of research and production by Schott has resulted in this modern glass-ceramic that is the toughest and strongest available for such an application.

Safe for all Food Contact

The glass-ceramic compound is certified and regularly inspected and updated by the leading European safety testing agency T.U.V. as free from any hazardous material and safe for all food contact. There is no non-stick coating, or chrome plating, or porcelain coating to rub off and inadvertently become part of your food.

Fast, Clean Cooking

The Maverick indoor electric grill line cooks fast and clean, with no substances coated onto the glass. The ribbed surface allows fats to drain toward the drip collector tray at rear, and it creates those great looking grilling lines too. When done pour a little water on the glass surface to loosen remaining food residue, then use the custom scraper included to push into the drip tray.

Use Indoors or Out

The Electric CharBQue Ribbed Glass Grill can be used on any kitchen counter, preferably near a vent hood if the higher heat settings are to be used, or any suitable outdoor patio surface. The grill’s construction meets world-class IPX4 water resistance standards, which means it will withstand 4 continuous hours of typical rain-force water encountered from any angle without affecting its electrical characteristics or heat controls. It is supplied with an outdoor rated 3-conductor grounded cord for this purpose.

Accessories Available

A custom stainless-steel scraper is included with all models of the Ribbed Glass Grill. This scraper features a scraping blade contoured to fit the ribs on the grill.

A 3-sided wind/splatter shield is available, which also includes a warming rack across the top. This accessory is optional for basic model E-50, and it is included with Model E-50s.

If the majority of your use will be outdoors, you can consider our accessories. The Grill Hood, Grill Cart, and Grill Cover, are all available separately.  The Hood and Cart are made of Stainless Steel. The cart assembles without tools until the last step where four alignment screws are tightened with a screwdriver, and if needed, the cart’s wheels are adjusted with an included wrench.  The hood is fully hinged and fits onto all E-50 models and requires a screwdriver to mount the hinge.  The cover is made of durable flexible vinyl, and fits over the Grill, Hood, and Cart to protect from the weather when not in use.

The Maverick electric grill line reimagines small kitchen appliances. Including one in your kitchen will save you time and money, and your food will taste absolutely delicious. To begin building the best grilling setup, check out the products we offer. Let us know if you have feedback or questions.

If you'd like some tips on how to clean your grill, click here.