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Electric Char B Que™ | Easy-To-Use Electric Infrared Grill

If you want outstanding grilled food fast, consider investing in an innovative electric infrared grill. It is easy to use, clean, and enjoy. Buy yours today.

Electric Char B Que Innovates The Traditional Electric Grill




There is something so delicious about hot, perfectly seared cuisine. Enjoy the benefits of a cookout without going outside–unless the weather is great, of course, because this grill is for both indoor and outdoor use. Try the Electric Char B Que™, an electric infrared grill by Maverick. Great for  juicy burgers, crunchy asparagus, salmon steaks, and more. 

When you use an electric infrared grill, you are working with the latest technology. The wavy ribbed glass surface allows the appliance to reach optimal grilling temperatures fast, without using nonstick coatings. Plus, when you use our product, you are getting more heat with less wattage. Our grill is 20% more energy efficient than 1500-watt grills. You get unbeatable efficiency and a compact, tabletop design made with stainless steel. 

The Electric Char B Que™ lets you experience everything you love about grilling, without any of the worries. If you have questions about our product, we are happy to help. Contact us today for more information.